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5 Benefits of Automated Fare Collection

The transport sector has experienced significant technological advances in the recent past. Gone are the days when passengers used to brace long queues to get travel tickets. Nowadays, the process is simpler and more efficient thanks to automated fare collection systems. How do such systems work? This is a contactless solution and is useful for the collection of fare payments. It has since replaced the conventional ticketing system, is faster, and accepts different modes of payment.

What are the advantages of automated fare collection? Read on to find out:

  1. Limited fraud

The use of fake tickets exposes public transport providers to huge losses due to fare or ticket evasions. With automated fare systems, customers pay using smart cards. And one must have a sufficient balance in the card to make payments.

Moreover, the analytics system used in automated fare collection is also useful. It gives service providers a clearer idea of the total amount of fare collected daily versus the customers served. According to the UK department of transport, automated fare systems can lower fraud levels down to 1.5% of the total travels.

  1. Multiple modes of payment

Automated fare collection uses different payment plans. These include cash, credit cards, debit cards, and e-commerce platforms like PayPal and AliPay. You can recharge the smart cards using methods such as net banking and UPI-based transactions. Different payment methods allow customers to pay with ease, which improves customer satisfaction.

  1. Unlimited services/Pay everywhere

Most of the automated fare systems are not limited to a specific type of service. You can use them across various facilities like buses, trains, and subways. The latest fare collection systems now accept smart cards. These are debit cards that record the start and end of the journey. They later deduct the exact fare for the trip.

You can use smart cards in buses and car parking. Many passengers favour the automatic fare collection system since it enhances transaction convenience and access. Also, an integrated ticketing system can help lower losses and raise revenues for service providers.

  1. Data collection

Automated fare collection systems generate a wealth of data useful in enhancing customer satisfaction, service provision, and integration of more services. It also makes transaction processing smoother and efficient. AFC data plus Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) data is handy for planners seeking to understand mobility patterns better. The information also helps identify underserved areas, blackout areas, and tracking of fraudulent behaviours such as fare evasion.

  1. Efficiency& Speedy transactions

Automated fare systems offer speedy transactions and save a lot of time. They help minimize the waiting time in queues and the time used to look for cash to purchase tickets. With the increased use of plastic money, such systems have made transport more efficient, affordable, and accessible.

Final thoughts

Automated fare collection is associated with numerous perks. You can now pay your fare with credit or debit cards; hence no need to travel with cash. Moreover, with integrated ticketing, you can use your fare ticket across different operators and modes. And you won’t have to waste a lot of time waiting to get your fare ticket.

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