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Evan Rubinson Explains How He Went From a Career in the Financial Industry to One in the Music Industry 

After graduating high school, Evan Rubinson considered his career opportunities, and throughout that, the idea of working on Wall Street sounded enticing. As such, he went to Duke University and earned a degree in a field that would help him in the financial industry. He then became the founder of Koroit Capital, a biotech hedge fund company. While this was a successful venture — the company is still thriving today — life intervened and guided Mr. Rubinson down a different path.

Evan Rubinson grew up in the music industry. His father owned a music instrument business, Armadillo Enterprises, so music was something that he was always around. Unfortunately, his father was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and at that point, Mr. Rubinson came to an impasse in his life. He decided to move closer to home to oversee the family business and to spend more time with his father. He found out that music was something that he loved and he had more passion for music than he even realized. It was then that he started to think about making a career change.

After overseeing Armadillo Enterprises for over six years, Evan Rubinson decided it was time to move on from the company. He wanted to do something that he had a greater passion for, and also honor his father in the process. This is how ERA Music Brands came to be formed. ERA Music Brands is a way to carry on his father’s legacy in the music industry, while also focusing on the elements of music that had a greater appeal to Mr. Rubinson.

While Evan Rubinson realizes that the financial industry likely had a higher earning capacity, he has found that there is no substitute for doing something that you are passionate about. And, despite having a background in finances, Mr. Rubinson has found that that background has helped him tremendously as he has moved from the financial industry into the music industry. His background taught him negotiating skills, discipline, and how to effectively communicate with others. He still utilizes those skills today as he runs his business in the music industry.

While Evan Rubinson initially dreamed of a high-paced life involving a career in the financial industry, he is glad that things turned out the way he did. While he enjoyed working in the financial industry, he has discovered that music is his true passion, and working in the music industry brings him more satisfaction, fulfillment and joy. He wants to reiterate to anyone who is considering a career change that they should always follow their dreams and explore their passions. You never know where the road may take you, and you may find yourself creating a company and becoming successful, much like Mr. Rubinson did.

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