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Safety measures you should check for while heading on a holiday cruise

People have stayed indoors and have avoided stepping out until necessary since the start of the pandemic. However, some cruises have now started functioning again. This gives people the opportunity to sail to their preferred location by booking their cruise tickets online.

Due to the pandemic, many people are still sceptical about heading on a holiday cruise with their family or loved ones. There are many family cruises that have started sailing as well. However, many cruises have undertaken certain safety measures according to the guidelines imposed on them by the government. Here are some of the safety measures you should check for while heading on a cruise.

  • Temperature checks

Most cruises may ask you to carry your COVID-19 test reports while on boarding your cruise. You should check whether the cruise has a screening test that every guest needs to undergo before the start of your cruise holidays. If a person has any symptoms then they may be asked to undergo a few more tests before allowing them to on board the cruise. Guests above the age of 70 years should be asked to carry a medical certificate from their doctor stating they are fit to be on the cruise.

  • Social distancing

You should make sure that the cruise maintains social distancing throughout the trip. This ensures the safety of all passengers during their cruise vacation. Most cruises avoid gathering many people in a single place during the trip. There are scheduled check-in slots for the passengers to avoid large queues while checking in. Guests are allowed to socialise with other passengers on the cruise while practising social distancing. Cruises organise various activities while keeping social distancing in mind. Some of these activities may be cancelled as it does not follow the cruise safety protocols.

  • Medical facilities

Cruises have medical facilities on the cruise for passengers to avail their treatment if necessary during their cruise holidays. Medical staff on the cruise is available 24/7 for any medical-related queries or issues faced by the passengers. Most essential medicines and items required by the passengers are stored by them. The staffs check the availability and expiry date on all the medicines before and after every trip. Some cruises even have an isolation ward on the cruise where people exposed to the virus during the trip can isolate themselves.

  • Sanitisation

You should check whether the cruise is sanitised to ensure your safety. Most cruises are sanitised and disinfected using the industry-standard cleaning agent before and after your cruise vacation. Public areas and frequent touch points are sanitised at regular intervals to avoid the spread of viruses on the cruise.

  • Air filtration

The air quality in the cabins and some other areas of the cruise could be bad due to insufficient air circulation. To improve the air quality in these areas during your cruise vacation, the air is filtered before supplying it to all the cabins and other areas of the cruise. These air filters are inspected, cleaned and replaced frequently to provide healthy air quality to all the passengers on the cruise.

We hope that this article was informative and you check the above-mentioned safety measures while booking your holiday cruise. Thank you!

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