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Take advantage of credit card offers at the right time!

Money is king when it comes to dealing with many of the situations in life and no single credit card can be the best option for any family, purchase or budget. Major credit card issuers like The First Premier Bank have online applications and inform applicants within minutes if their application is approved for a credit card or not.  If the right type of credit card is used, you can claim the Credit Card Offers successfully. However, keep in mind that it would be best to opt for one credit card at a time.

Most credit cards follow the policy of buy now and pay later. If you are in need of money for urgent purchase and fall short of cash, a credit card can really be of great help! However, you should be confident enough to repay the money by the next payday. This can help in gaining credit card offers as well. Most places accept credit cards rather than prepaid or charge cards. Some credit card offers thus remain valid and easy to claim.

If the card issuer offers some points, it is necessary to calculate the monetary value of these points. Doing so will help you determine the best way to redeem them. From being able to improve the credit score to gaining access to money whenever and wherever needed, the value of credit cards is huge! The most attractive benefit of a rewards credit card is the ability to earn rewards every time you go shopping.

Ways to use credit card offers:

  • Shop online: Looking for cashback, reward points or some credit card offers. In some outlets, use reward points to pay for all or part of your purchase while shopping online.
  • Claim cashback: Getting a statement credit is a great way to use the reward points. The money can be used to pay bills, reduce credit card debt or to add as savings balance.
  • Redeem the reward points for gift cards: Buying gift cards is the best way to use credit card rewards. Many retail stores can give an extra perk when the points get redeemed for a gift card.
  • Get discounts on airfare and hotels: Another way to redeem credit card offers is by gaining discounts on airfare and travelling. If you have lots of points saved up, you can claim one of these discounts.
  • Donate the credit cards rewards to charity: Utilizing the credit card offers or sharing the reward need not be focused on accumulating gift cards. You can set a good example by donating the credit card rewards to charity.
  • Pay off the balance: If there is any pending balance to pay, pay it back to accumulate more reward points for the future.
  • Narrow down the spending: Focus all the spending on a specific card that has the best value in areas where you spend the most rather than spreading purchases across multiple cards. This will make it harder for you to earn rewards.
  • Look out for bonus credit card offers: Keep an eye on each dollar spent as there may be bonus credit card offers which you may miss out on. Certain credit card issuers give an increased rate in select areas. Some others give their users bonus offers through their website.

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