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7 Best Health Insurance Policies in India You Never Knew

A health insurance policy provides financial assistance to the policyholder in case any medical expenses arise. There are different types of health insurance policies, and a person can purchase a plan based on his/her requirements. However, not many people know about them.

In this article, we will discuss 7 health insurance policies in India that you might not know.

Health insurance policies are important as they can protect the policyholder against medical expenses. These expenses can be high, and paying for them might get difficult. The healthcare costs can consume the entire savings of a person. However, a health insurance policy can cover such expenses.

Furthermore, choosing the right health insurance policy is critical. There are various types of health insurance policies, and a person should select a plan that meets his/her medical needs.

Here are 7 health insurance policies that policyholders should consider-

  • Individual Health Insurance Plan

There are many insurance companies that offer this policy. This policy covers one individual. The benefits can be availed by the individual that is covered under the plan.

  • Family Floater Plan

A family floater plan covers all the members of a family. It is purchased by an individual who pays a single premium. This policy can cover the medical expenses of the entire family.

  • Critical Illness Plan

Critical illness plans cover major illnesses and pay for their medical costs. Such plans can cover illnesses like cancer, stroke, heart attack, etc.

  • Top-Up and Super Top-Up Policies

These plans can be purchased with other plans to cover additional expenses. Top-up health insurance policies can cover a single claim in case the expenses exceed the threshold limit. Super top-up plans can provide financial assistance for all the hospitalisation costs that exceed the threshold limit.

  • Women Health Insurance Plan

This plan specifically covers the medical expenses of women. Such policies can cover retirement, maternity, etc.

  • Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan

This plan covers the healthcare expenses of senior citizens. This is a good option as many health insurance policies don’t cover senior citizens. Senior citizen health insurance plans can cover daycare expenses, pre-existing diseases, cashless hospitalisation, etc.

  • Disease-Specific Health Plan

In case a person is looking for a plan that covers specific diseases, then he/she can choose this plan. This health insurance policy is a good option for getting protection against specific diseases.

Things to Consider While Buying a Health Insurance Plan

  • Claim Process

You should look for an insurance company that has a simple claims process and settles the claims faster.

  • Pre and Post Hospitalisation Expenses

Pre-hospitalisation expenses occur before hospitalisation. Post-hospitalisation expenses occur after the person is discharged. Such costs can also be expensive. Therefore, you should go for a plan that covers these expenses.

  • Free Medical Check-Up

It is wise to look for a health insurance plan that offers free medical check-ups.

Health insurance policies can protect you from high medical expenses. Therefore, understand the types of plans while looking for health insurance. This can help you choose the right plan.

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