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This 2021, Review Your Two Wheeler Insurance Plan!

As a bike owner, you only want the best for your vehicle. You fit your two wheeler with the best accessories and take great care to park it safely. Another important layer of protection that you must add is two wheeler insurance. If your bike insurance plan is due for renewal soon, this article is perfect for you. Read on to discover why you should review your two wheeler insurance plan this year.

  • You can improve on your existing bike insurance plans

If you have a basic third party insurance plan for your bike or scooter, you might want to consider upgrading your coverage. A third party plan only covers you for third party losses. For more holistic protection for your own damages, you might want to opt for comprehensive two wheeler insurance. This will give you coverage for own damages as well as cover you against natural calamities and manmade disasters. You can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you are thoroughly covered against a wider range of possible mishaps that can affect you.

  • If you already have comprehensive two wheeler insurance…

Then, consider improving your plan with riders. Your two wheeler insurance plan can be improved with riders which can offer you enhanced protection against a range of unforeseen events. Some of the best riders that you can consider include –

  • Roadside assistance – to offer various forms of assistance including help with a flat tyre, emergency fuel delivery, etc.
  • Engine protection cover – coverage for damages to the engine parts such as the gearbox
  • Consumables cover – to cover the consumables such as nuts and bolts, brake oil, etc.
  • Zero depreciation cover – to cover the depreciation costs that impact your claim value

These riders are chargeable and you will see an increase in your premium cost for every rider that you add. So, choose only the ones that you really require and will use.

  • You can save money by finding cost-effective coverage

If your two wheeler insurance plan is due for renewal, you might want to take some time to explore plans to find a better or more affordable option. After all, why should you pay more if you can get the exact same coverage elsewhere at a cheaper cost?  Try to use aggregator websites to compare some of the best two wheeler insurance plans and take your pick from the options.

You can easily research various insurance companies online and use online bike insurance calculator tools to compare premium quotes. Once you find a quote that fits your budget, you can go ahead and sign up for coverage.

If you are a car owner, you can use the tips in this article for guidance when you buy or renew car insurance online as well. Do always keep your insurance plans active at all times so that you follow the legal requirements of having motor insurance and also keep your finances secured in the event of an accident.

Wear a helmet and ride safely.

Take care.

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